Summer is here!

Summer is here!
Enjoy the trip!

So what are you going to do about it?

Many of us have gone about stir-crazy or just plain crazy with the way the past few months have gone. So what plans do you have? Here are a few thoughts:

Beach is the only way to go

If you look reallllly close you can see whales!
Beautiful end of day on the Pacific. So different to see the sun setting over the ocean and not be on an island!

Surf, sand, and sun. What more do you need for fun? Don’t forget the sunblock, towels, boards, chairs, drinks, snacks…. Ok you need your vehicle! Make sure your vehicle is ready by bringing it in for any needed services and get a pre-trip inspection. Once your trip is finished, get a rinse down at a local car wash and then a good, soapy soak when you get home to help protect that under belly.

Looking for a few places to camp this summer? Try these:

“>Carolina Beach State Park

KOA Myrtle Beach

I know, I know, there is more out there at the beach; but these were open and have available sites during July. The others I checked did not have available online sites, or a way of checking online.

Spend my days on the lake, baby!

Spend your day enjoying the lake!
With our drop off services and paperless system, you can have your vehicles repaired while enjoying the whole day on the lake!

With three beautiful lakes back to back, what more could you want? Don’t go on a vacation, but a staycation: where you just pack up for each day enjoying the fishing, water sports, and just down right relaxation of a day on the water. With all the local restaurants on Lake Gaston, many places to grab a meal to go in Roanoke Rapids and Gaston, or even grabbing a pizza boat around Goat or Wobble Island, it is not too hard to spend the day there. Want to spend a week on the lake? Just rent a home or go to one of the many campgrounds. Several have cabins for rent and sites open for RVs. I know there are more campgrounds, but most are private and others are technically off the lakes.

House/cabin rentals: Story Properties, Stonehouse Timber Lodge

Campgrounds: Lake Gaston RV Camping (ODW for us old timers), The Club (Lake Gaston Resort), North Bend Park & Campground , Americamps

Mountains are the coolest

Pikes Peak
Road trip in and of it’s self when you go up Pikes Peak. Make sure it is not snow capped, otherwise you can not go all the way!

A road trip through the mountains is always a wonderful site. However, it is hard on your vehicles. So if you are going this summer (or anytime) make sure you let us know so we can prepare your vehicle for it’s workout. Just as you can’t go run a marathon without training, you can’t expect your car, truck, or RV to go with a clogged air filter and fuel filter, worn out breaks, as well as old tires and coolant.

Anyway, let’s get back to ROAD TRIPS. There are many ways to travel across the country to see our country’s beautiful mountain ranges with diverse wildlife as plant life. However, local trips can open your eyes to the beauty surrounding us. North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia have many beautiful sites to behold. While many love to travel down the Tail of the Dragon, don’t forget the different caverns, Grandfather Mountain, and Cherokee. Fairy Stone Park or the Natural Bridge are both great trips to take with the family. However, the most memorable trip I took was down the Yellow Brick Road, YES it is reopened!

The Natural Bridge
Great walk to a beautiful site. We enjoyed our weekend trip there and back with the kids.

Looking for a theme for your trip?

Can I borrow a cup of sugar?

While many of us might base our trips around certain places (i.e. The Magic Kingdom) to help plan a trip, sometimes a theme is needed. If you want to see the most haunted places in North Carolina this path will take you there as well as seeing our great state from the coast to the mountains. Don’t forget to stop by Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum here in Littleton while you go to top off your trip.

Want to sail off like a pirate? Check out this!Aboard this fun-filled adventure, you’ll take to the very waterways once used by Blackbeard and other pirates known to infiltrate the North Carolina coast.

Love lighthouses? North Carolina’s coast will give you a beautiful drive as well as great views while on the lighthouses. This quick trip can be technically done in a day if you don’t stop, but then you will miss the beauty of each during the day, and you will definitely want to clime at least one or all of them.

Go now and spread your wings.

Get in a good trip or two this summer before fall starts along with school and who knows what kind of new mandates might come out then. Be safe, wash your hands, and allow distance between yourself and other groups. Most of all, enjoy your summer!

My staff and babies!
Go find your magic!

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