RV Repair – Yes we can repair your entire RV!

Just give us a call when it occurs.
Yes, we have fixed all of these issues.

For most of us our RV is our home, refuge, and portal to an exciting time for the family. What happens when your trip or stay at the lake is ruined by leaking plumbing, damaged roof, generator will not run, refrigerator will not cool, electricity is acting really wonky (we had one where I told Mark if he could not fix it maybe they needed a priest for an exorcism), flood/water damage, awning is torn away by a storm, spring snaps while traveling down the road, you hit (I’m sorry) the awning at the gas station suddenly lowered and hit your top A/C units, the “children” left the antenna up, slide will not move in, or many other reasons.

You need someone who is trained to repair a house and a car, not just one or the other.

You need a technician trained to repair systems that are more and more becoming so computerized that you are handed a tablet and told to choose your morning, noon, afternoon, and evening settings. You need someone who can repair a leveling system that you just push a button and it levels itself, no matter what the terrain may be. You need a trained RV repair company to help you get your family back on the road and on your adventure.

Looking for someone who can repair your RV?

Well, look no further. Lake Gaston Auto & RV is here to repair & maintain your RV. Not only can we take care of ALL your RV repairs, but we will help you keep it ready to take you on your trips across country, ready for the entire family’s weekend get away at the lake, or able to keep up with you full-timer’s constant demand.

All makes and models of RV repair!
Repair to All Makes & Models of RV’s!

We repair all RV’s: horse trailers, pull behinds, 5th wheels, and motorhomes. We work on all year, makes, and models as well.

A/C repair
RV HVAC Repairs

Your HVAC (A/C & Heating) system can make or break your trip. We can repair both your roof A/C units, heating system, as well as your dash A/C & heating system. We are a dealer for major roof A/C manufacturers as well as a warranty center for repairs.

Don’t wait until your brake pads are this worn out before you bring it in!
RV Brake Repairs

Since we have towed our 5th wheel across the country and back, we know how important it is to have brakes are to safety and peace of mind.

Our technicians know your brake systems: electric trailer brakes, hydraulic brakes, air brakes, even brake assist system for your pulled vehicle.

Don’t wait until you are going down a mountain to think about getting your brakes checked. Bring in you RV to get your brakes checked before they break.

Mark and Alex repairing a generator.
Repairs to Slides, Awnings, Generators, Refrigerators and more!

Slide will not go out? How about slide got sideways while you slide it in because of a plastic safety case? Generator doesn’t work under load? Power surge fry your electrical system as well as T.V., microwave, fireplace, and more? Refrigerator doesn’t work when using electricity? Awning torn up and smashed into the roof due to a down draft during a summer storm?

Yes, these are all just a few examples of repairs we have helped RV owners with. Our technicians are able to fix all of these so you can sit in the shade of your awning, drinking your cold soft drink while popping popcorn for the game about to start.

We are a service & repair center for your entire motorhome!
Motorhomes Repairs

We can take care of your entire motorhome. Our technicians are trained to service and repair every system on your motorhome – not just the “truck” or “RV” side like most repair shops.

Does not matter if it is a diesel pusher or a gas engine, we can service, maintain, and repair your entire motorhome.

Steering & Suspension Repairs
RV Steering & Suspension

A worn out front end can wear a person out before the journey even begins. We can repair or upgrade your steering & suspension systems: springs, airbags, rack & pinion, yokes, power steering pumps, tie rod ends, hoses, steering gears, drag links, and even install stabilizing bars.

Water leaks can damage more than just your roof.
RV Roof Services & Repairs

Just like the rest of your RV, your roof will last longer with yearly inspections, services when needed, repairs when damaged, and even replacement when needed. A simple leak can lead to extreme damaged when not quickly and correctly repaired.

Alex replacing tires on a motorhome.
RV Tires

Tires on a RV tend to age out before they wear out. When tires get to be five to seven years old they can dry rot and come apart while driving down the road, ruining the wheel well and any parts and body panels in the way. At Lake Gaston Auto & RV, we keep an eye on your tire’s age, wear, and condition, an we will let you know when it is time to replace your tires. This will keep you and your passengers safe, as well as repair cost down.

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