Need Heating or A/C Repair?

Get your A/C blowing cold and your heat blowing hot.
Just a “simple” repair.

Your Vehicle’s HVAC System.

Hey, I thought this was about getting an A/C or heating system repair?! Just like in your home, your vehicle’s A/C or heating system is part of a larger system called Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, or HVAC. Vehicles today are packed with technology, with more features and gadgets than ever. You can have the driver’s side at 69 degrees while the passenger is at 72, and the rear is at 68 with max fan speed. However, none of this matters when you are in the middle of the summer with no A/C. Most of us want whatever the opposite of the outside weather blowing in our vehicles.

Just top off the refrigerant…

Your A/C system is a closed system; that means that unless there is a leak, you should not have to refill the system. An A/C service is performed to: remove any refrigerant in the system, refill the system with refrigerant, dye, PAG oil, and then test the system for leaks. This occurs after it has been determined that your system is either low or has too much refrigerant, because both can cause your system not to work properly. It is tested right after it is filled, and if a leak is too small to be found at that point, you are asked to bring the vehicle back after it fails again. At this time special tools can be used to find the leak for the proper repair.

Call (252)629-2353 to get your camper cool!

Rooftop Units and Furnaces for Campers, Trailers and Buses – yes we can repair your A/C and heating as well!

Many trailers, buses, and RVs have rooftop units that help to keep you cool during the hot days of summer and furnaces to keep you warm during the winter. Not only are we certified to fix them, but take care of your warranty repairs as well.

Heat not working? Give us a call!

Keeping the heat going during the cold of winter.

Your heating system uses the heated coolant from your radiator sent through the heater core to heat your vehicle. As you can see below, it take many components to keep you warm during the winter. Our technicians have studied the systems on your vehicle so that they can give you an accurate diagnosis and quality repair on your heating system.

No heat?  Give us a call to get warm again!
Here is a simple diagram of how your heating system works.

Fleet Vehicles? No problem, we can fix your A/C or heat too!

Call now to schedule repairs to your A/C!
Yes we work on fleet vehicles as well!

It does not matter if it is a school bus full of children, or a rescue squad’s ambulance with an EMS worker in front and one working on a patient in the back, or large fleet trucks that run all day; your drivers need a comfortable vehicle to work in. We not only can repair all of these vehicles, but we know you need them as soon as possible. We will repair your A/C and heating system and get them back on the road, helping your customers.

Your Classic Car

Need repairs on your classic vehicle?  Give us a call!

Taking care of your classic baby’s heat and A/C repair.

Whether you are trying to keep it as it was from the factory, or want to add updated technology to your classic vehicles, we can service and maintain your HVAC systems to keep you out of today’s weather. Click below to call to make an appointment to bring in your classic to have it’s heating and A/C repaired!

Call to schedule a repair!

There are many components to your A/C Repair, not just refrigerant.

Your vehicle is getting more and more sophisticated. Each year more and more systems become controlled by computers. This makes it quicker to respond to your comfort, but makes it more complicated to repair, plus with more specialized training and tools to repair. Therefore, we are always sending our technicians to training, as well as updating our tools and equipment to better serve the newer cars, trucks, and RVs that are coming out each year.

A Couple of 5 star reviews

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I am so thankful for Mark and his family. We were passing through the area on our way to Roanoke Rapids when our Trailblazer broke down. We are from Pennsylvania and we were stuck almost an hour from our campsite. They went above and beyond for us. They made sure that we made it to our campsite safely and fixed the Trailblazer as quickly as possible to get us back on the road to home. I can’t stop thinking about how well they treated us and the patience, professionalism, and kindness they showed toward us. They are wonderful and I am so grateful for their assistance!


A wonderful family business. On time and go the extra mile to make sure your back on the road safe and sound. Thank you Mark. You have to be proud of all your family and employees. Kimberly and Malissa and Nicole . Thank you for all your help. The only place to take your car truck. Or RV. They treat you like family.

— Brian

Need help to pay for your A/C or heating repairs?

Financing is just a click away.

Sometimes we all need help to pay for an A/C repair.

That is why we have teamed up with Westcreek and Snap Finance to help you get the repairs you need. Click below to qualify.

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