Don’t wait to repair your car or truck’s brakes until it is too late!

Bring all of your vehicles in to Lake Gaston Auto & RV for your Brake Repairs!

How Does Your Pads Compare?

To brake or not to brake….

Your braking system is one of the most important safety systems on your car or truck. We all need to come to a safe stop when we get to a destination, but there are all those annoying halts in between that makes it the one system that keeps you safe during your entire trip.

Your Brakes

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Don’t wait until you need to stop to find out what those noisy brakes were about!

For most of us the only time we think of our brakes is when we have to hit them quickly to avoid a wreck, or when we push them and they don’t want to work. There is more to it than just the pedal and pads though.

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Here is a sample of a simple brake system. Not so simple is it?

When I ask my nieces about brakes they say I push the pedal and the car stops, and there is some brake pads in there somewhere because Uncle Mark just changed them. That is all they really care about because that is all they see. If you want to learn a little more click here to find out more: How your brake system works.

The most common brake systems use either a disk brake or drum brake to stop your wheels from turning.

These are what are commonly found on most cars and trucks. Pads and rotors are found on disk brakes, while drum and shoes on a drum brake.

We can repair your entire braking system!

Not just pad replacement!

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When the road gets rough, call in the best to smooth it out. Lift kit, new tires, and a few other upgrades and repairs.

Even though it is not rocket science, it is coming closer every year. There is more to your brakes than what my nieces know. With ABS systems, regenerative braking, and more technology constantly changing, our our guys are continually training. This level of dedication is so they can repair all of your braking systems, even those on hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Like everything else on your trailer, we can fix your electric brakes as well!

Many campers and personal trailers use electric brakes to help your vehicle stop. Not only can we service and repair these brakes, but we can repair or even install the wiring your vehicle needs for your brake system to work.

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Air brakes? We can fix those as well! Plus replacing those tires.

Many large trucks, trailers, buses, and RV’s use air brake systems to stop. Our great team knows how to repair and maintain your brakes.

Need help financing your brake repair on your car or truck? Don’t despair, click one of the links below to get help!

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Want to repair your brakes yourself? Come on in for quality parts and fluids for your brake system!

We have the parts you need at prices that can’t be beat!

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We have been were you are…

We don’t just work on cars, trucks, and RVs, we use them as well! During serval cross country trips – near misses, up and down mountains on both sides of the country, cross winds that forced us off the road, as well as several breakdowns of our own. We have been right where you are – on the side of the road wonder how in the world will we fix this. We did it for ourselves – how can we ever forget Nevada… – so we can do it for you.

And boy, do we have some stories!

Want to know what happened in Nevada? Just come on in and ask Mark.

This is a picture from our first camping trip to Tennessee.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value”

A wonderful family business. On time and go the extra mile to make sure your back on the road safe and sound. Thank you Mark. You have to be proud of all your family and employees. Kimberly and Malissa and Nicole . Thank you for all your help. The only place to take your car truck. Or RV. They treat you like family.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I am so thankful for Mark…”

and his family. We were passing through the area on our way to Roanoke Rapids when our Trailblazer broke down. We are from Pennsylvania and we were stuck almost an hour from our campsite. They went above and beyond for us. They made sure that we made it to our campsite safely and fixed the Trailblazer as quickly as possible to get us back on the road to home. I can’t stop thinking about how well they treated us and the patience, professionalism, and kindness they showed toward us. They are wonderful and I am so grateful for their assistance!


Rating: 5 out of 5.


They really know what they are doing and really help me out in a pinch. I’m very glad to have my car looked by them.


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